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If you need an accurate, fast, convenient estimate for the cost of your move, our online moving estimator is the way to go.

Just fill out the form below and one of our experienced representatives will be in touch with you promptly with your free moving estimate. Please remember that the more information you can provide, the more accurate your estimate will be.


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Where You are Moving From (Origin)

If we are just providing LOADING or UNLOADING services, please put the same zip code in both the ORIGIN and DESTINATION locations

Where You are Moving To (Destination)
Stairs and Carry Guidelines:
Minimum 6 steps = 1 flight of stairs - Stairs that turn count as 2 flights
Long staircases around or over 15 steps count as 2 flights
Outside stairs must also be estimated in total number of flights.
Carrying distance measurement of 35 paces = 100 feet.
Make sure to include total distance from truck to stairs or elevator and from top of stairs or elevator to door of unit.
Inventory of Items
Just fill out the quote form list below with a total count of each item. Quote form is limited to numbers only. At the bottom of the quote form list is an area called "Other Items" where you can list additional items. There is also a "Notes & Comments" section where you can state other helpful info about your move.

Please leave the spaces blank for items you do not have.

Living Rooms







Garage Misc


Other Items
If you have specialty items or any types of furniture pieces that would be unusually large, heavy, or valuable in nature please list them here; as well as other items not included in the above list.

For lowest price have all items disassembled and/or disconnected!
Other Services and Notes/Comments
Hoisting items in or out of windows/balconies is an extra service not included in the standard pricing so you will need to let us know if your move will require this service. For lowest price have all items disassembled and/or disconnected! Please let us know if you want our movers to disassemble and/or reassemble any of the items listed.
Please describe if any of your items would be considered extremely heavy, large, or highly valuable. Let us know if there are any other special needs as well. Also note any other factors useful in giving you an accurate quote. Please describe any special needs or items that you have below.


NOTICE: Customer must move and/or transport any medicines, currency, jewels, jewelry, watches, gems, precious stones, priceless antiques or artwork, stock certificates, tickets, notes, deeds, diplomas, and any other high worth items or documents that is of a similar nature.


Free Moving Quote October 20, 2015

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